This article is about blocks from Powerup. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.


This article is about Coffin from Powerup. For Coffin from Turn-Undead, please see Coffins.

Coffin blocks
Ability Withstands deadly ground
Game(s) Powerup
Coffin blocks are pieces in the game Powerup, first introduced in level 13. This is also the same level deadly ground first appears on.


Coffin blocks are rectangular, with purple outlining on the rectangle's exterior as well as the surface tracing a stretched out hexagon. Four vertical lines span the height of the rectangle's surface, painted in black. A mustard-coloured RIP sign is nailed to the surface of the coffin block.

Game information

Similar to wooden blocks, coffin blocks can only be used to support structures that are used to create a circuit in the game. The only feature that distinguishes them from other supporting structure pieces is that they are the only pieces able to withstand deadly ground's ability to eliminate pieces on contact with it and thus, they are useful for creating such structures over long sections of deadly ground.

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