Coal toss
Coal Toss
Grid spaces Three
No upgrade Upgraded
Health Infinite N/A
Damage 10 or 30 N/A
Reload Medium N/A
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The coal toss is the player's primary attack in Steamlands. It is used a few times during the start of the game, but rarely used later on due to the presence of guns in every level.


Coal toss appears as the engineer picking coal up with his shovel and flinging it.

Game information

The coal toss is used almost all the time in Steamlands as a last resort attack, usually when the player has had all their guns destroyed or has none. It is one of two weapons that are not categorized as guns, the other being the Valentine gun cut from the Steamlands.

The coal toss is also used by enemy engineers, who use the attack when they also have no guns. The coal toss involves the player's engineer chucking hot coal from their engine room at the enemy's tank. This attack does little damage, although when the enemy does it they subtract health points from whatever the coal has hit.

In early levels, the player's and enemy's coal will subtract 10 health points, and in later levels, it will subtract 30. When either engineer use the attack, their tank stops moving and all steam powered objects cease to function (guns, man blocks, etc.).

This leaves the player open for attack. This attack should only by used by the player is out of weapons and have have stopped the enemy tank from moving, or when they run out of weapons.

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