This article is about cluster bombs from Toxic. For cluster bombs from Nitrome Must Die, please see Cluster bombs (Nitrome Must Die).

Cluster bombs
Cluster Bomb
Ammunition Five bombs
Action Shoots many blasts to both sides
Game(s) Toxic

Cluster bombs are a type of bomb found only in the game Toxic I, not reappearing in its sequel, Toxic II.


The cluster bomb appears as a square with red corners, either the first letter of the bomb's name or timer being in the middle. On each side are two metal pincer like objects. The middle square of the cluster bomb bears a striking resemblance to the basic bombs in Toxic II.

Game information

When the bomb is planted, it is suggested to get as far away from it. When it explodes, four red explosions are shot left and four right. After four explosions for each side, one explosion for each side will go back in the opposite direction of the previous four explosions for that side (e.g: four explosions right, one explosion left). The cluster bomb is a good weapon for combat, as it can send five explosions both left and right at the same time, that will likely destroy all robots that cannot somehow protect themselves from damage.

The player should try to get far away from it as it is possible to get caught in the explosion and suffer damage. The cluster bomb is the least used bomb in Toxic I, only used a few times, likely because it is not used for any situation (like other bombs are), except for combat, combat with many enemies being very rare.

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