Cloud Vechlicle
Ability Can be used to fly around
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Clouds are vehicles in Twin Shot 2 - Good and Evil.


Clouds are light grey and are shaped like a thought bubble. Thunder clouds are a darker grey and can shoot out lightning. The lightning consists of multiple yellow and white jagged lines that are shot down by thunder clouds.

Game information

As the only vehicle in the Twin Shot series, a cloud lets angels or a dark creature ride in it. A cloud floats in a single spot until someone rides it. A cloud also will flash and return to the spot it originated after a few moments of no control. When a cloud touches the ground it will bounce back up. Dark creatures and the player can ride them. If a dark creature comes in contact with an arrow while its in a cloud, it will simply fall out of it, and the player can get in the cloud. These clouds only appear in Good levels.

Thunder clouds behave exactly like normal clouds except that when the player presses the down arrow key, the cloud will shoot out a lightning spark that can deal damage to enemies. Dark creatures can also ride thunder clouds, however, they do not shoot lightning from them. Thunder clouds are only found in the Evil levels.


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