Clock robots
Clock RobotWalking clock robot
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can be caused to become stationary
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Rustyard

Clock robots are enemies in the game Rustyard.


Hence their name, clock robots have a tiny rectangular body with an analog clock in the middle of it. A very thin semi-circle reveals a head underneath, and two little feet stick out just underneath the clock body.

Game information

Walking back and forth horizontally on the platforms they are on, more than one clock robot usually appears in a single level. Clicking on one with the mouse will cause them to pull their head into their clock-like body, and they will, in a sense, "go to sleep".

A hand on the clock will move clockwise while it is stationary. When it comes out of its stationary phase, it will pop its head out with a ring and resume walking. Only when clock robots are asleep do they not hurt the robot on contact. If he touches one while it is walking, however, he will lose a portion of health.

Clock robots have the ability to turn off extendable tiles. If an extendable tile is extended, the clock robot can interact with a certain button that will make the extended tiles retract to their original position.

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