Climbing mesh
Climbing Mesh
Mesh from Frost Bite 2
Ability Pulls the player up
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Climbing mesh is an interactive object in the game Frost Bite 2. It does not appear in Frost Bite.


Climbing mesh appears as a diagonal grid of light grey metal bars in a brown box. The bars are covering an inner, dark grey layer. An outer square of brown metal, secured to the mountainside with grey bolts, surrounds the mesh.

Game information

When climbing mesh is shot, the player will be pulled up. It is essentially a better version of hooks, as the player is pulled up mush faster. Meshes are bigger than hooks, and offer more space for the player to grab, which is likely why they were introduced. Mesh is often found in large groups, which has lots of areas for the player to grab.

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