The City in Final Ninja
Location Unknown, possibly in Japan
Inhabitants Robots, Humans, many other lifeforms
Status Still there
Game Final Ninja 1, Ninja

The city is a location which appears in the first Final Ninja and Ninja.


In both games, tall buildings appear in the background. The building seems to be similar coloured since both games take place at night. In both games, the ground seems to be blue, with yellow platforms in some areas.

Game information

The city does not appear in Final Ninja Zero, as Final Ninja Zero takes place at Dr. Boshi's base. The city is the setting and appears mostly in the background of both games. Also in both games, the player ventures around parts of the city, although the player sees the same thing in the background all the time.

Final Ninja

In Final Ninja, many big buildings can be seen. The city is set in the future, densely populated with many skyscrapers which have many windows. All buildings seem to be facing the player, except for a few building which are a bit tilted. Frequently in the background, flying cars, which look like little glowing spheres, can be seen moving horizontally across the screen near the buildings.

Some platforms seem to be made out of pipes, and sometimes graffiti in Japanese can be seen on the sides of platforms, usually with a creature to go with the Graffiti.

The city in Ninja


In Ninja, the city appears more simpler, with less buildings. Some big skyscraper are still seen, along with usual ground buildings facing the player. Unlike Final Ninja's City, Ninja's city seems to be set in modern times, seeing that buildings are still on the grounds and no flying cars are seen.


  • Ninja and Final Ninja seem to be set in two different time periods, judging from the background.
  • The city's height is unknown, because the player never sees the bottom of any of the buildings.
  • Visible in the background of the city (sometimes) is a large moon. This moon is later reused for Graveyard Shift.

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