Gender Male[1]
Species Robot
Health 3 hearts
Level(s) All
Status Alive,
on Foreman Buzz's home planet, in prison
Game(s) Chisel series, Nitrome Must Die

Chiseler (also spelled "Chiseller") is the drill-like robot who serves as the main character of the Chisel series. He also appears as a gun in Nitrome Must Die


Chiseler has a large metal drill on the top of his head. His body is dark purple, with a white oval face and two pink eyes. He has a metal beak-like mouth with sharp teeth and a pink strip wrapping around his head. He has a gold belt across his waist, and two metal claws.

Game information

Chisel series

Chisel Sound0

The sound Chiseler makes when completing a level

Chiseler is a master in digging technology. Armed with a drill on top of his head, he is able to drill through almost anything, including some enemies and objects on certain planets. Chiseler is also able to contact the player in the first Chisel game via the in-game SMS. In Chisel 2, the player uses this system to view messages sent by Foreman Buzz to Chiseler. Chiseler is also given extra abilities in the second game, allowing him to jump and perform a rocket jump that allows him to get to farther distant planets.


In the first Chisel game, Foreman Buzz sent Chiseler on a mission to destroy a galaxy by cutting the planets down to size. Chiseler seemingly completed the mission, only to find that he had destroyed the wrong galaxy, resulting in Foreman Buzz yelling at him. Chiseler was then retrained and sent to the correct galaxy in Chisel 2, but ended up going to and destroying planets he should not have. Foreman Buzz eventually caught Chiseler and reported him to the police. Chiseler was then sentenced to put the pieces of the planets he had destroyed back together, but ended up doing so by putting together different parts from different planets. This caused the boss to become enraged once more and confused some of the creatures on some pieces of the planets.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Chisel
Chiseler appears in Nitrome Must Die in the form of a weapon known as "Chisel". When the gun is fired, a small "Chiseler" is thrust a short distance from the player's character and starts chiseling into the ground. The Chisel weapon can fall and chisel its way through multiple layers of the ground and ceiling, damaging enemies it lands on or drills in the same position the enemy is passing by.

Skin and cameo appearances




  1. Chisel series help description: Control Chiseller [sic] with the arrow keys[.] Cut the planet beneath him by pressing [the space bar.]

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