The chimp is the main character in the game Super Stock Take.


The chimp is a black chimpanzee with a large red nose and ears, and no visible mouth. It also has a yellow hat and matching overalls and a yellow Cuboy on its hat. The tip of its tail is red and its eyes are small and white.

Game information

The chimp is the character the player controls during the entire game. It can be controlled with the arrow keys or WASD and the spacebar, to make him move left (Left) and right (Right), jump up (Up), or pick up a block (Down). Once a block is picked up, the player can press the spacebar to throw it in the direction they are facing, or simply set it down in front of them by pressing Down again.

While carrying a block, the chimp cannot turn around, meaning the player has to somehow get to the other side of a block if they wish to throw it in another direction. However, if a block is on the chimp's head, he can move and face in any direction to throw it while moving the block with him, but the block can not be set down. The block can also slide off its head if it is blocked by something else.

The chimp can be killed by any hazards (such as lasers and drills) if it comes in contact with them, forcing the player to restart the level.

The chimp is likely very strong, as he can pick up, carry around, and throw any size or number of blocks. He enjoys eating peanuts, so, in return for working for the Nitrome Boss, he is paid with a "peanut wage".

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In the ending, it is revealed that the chimp escaped with a huge batch of stolen peanuts.
Super Stock Take - Ending

Super Stock Take - Ending

The ending of Super Stock Take

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The chimp is said to be a janitor in the ending of Super Stock Take.
  • The Strengh of the Chimp resembles Wario from Mario Games