This article is about Chickens from Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage. For Chickens from other games, please see Chickens.

Chickens are characters in the game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


Chickens appear as egg-white birds with round bodies. They have two brown legs, two white wings, an orange beak, two white eyes with red irises, and a red wattle.

Game information

Chickens are found scattered around many levels in Icebreaker A Viking Voyage. When sliced, the chicken will squawk and settle back down or fly away. In certain levels, chickens play a key role in defeating enemies, as they can lay eggs. These eggs will kill trolls on contact. Chickens themselves will also kill trolls on contact.

Chicken eggs also play an important role on the first boss level of the game, The Mountain Troll. In this level, eggs must be rolled down into the mountain troll's mouth in order to nauseate him and kill him.


Chicken animation sprites. From left to right: Normal, sliced (A), flying, sliced (B), creating an egg, pregnant, laying an egg, with egg

When a chicken is creating an egg, it will swell up to four times its normal size and become very round. When laying an egg, a chicken will push the egg out and return to its normal size.

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