This article is about treasure chests from Powerup. For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Powerup-chestclosed 1
Ability Stores pieces
Game(s) Powerup

Chests are interactive objects in the game Powerup first seen in level 4.


Chests are red-brown in colour, and have gold metal strips leading down from the top of the chest, which meet at the lock. The lock is the same golden colour as the metal strips, and has a small keyhole in it, which is black and is shaped like a rhombus on top of a rectangle. The wood appears to be stacked in layers, because of the edges shown on the chest.

Game information

Chests are meant to be the main storage area for unused pieces, as mentioned in the sign for the level which it is introduced in. When not in use, the chest will remain closed, only opening when the player positions their mouse cursor or a piece over it. The piece can then be dropped into the chest, of which it will disappear and the chest will close again.

To retrieve the piece the player has put in the chest, they must click on it, of which the chest will open again to reveal an array of pieces that are kept in its storage. The chest is not only used to store pieces, however, as anything that can be dragged can also be stored in the chest.


Opening a chest

Although the player can drop a piece into the chest in order to store it, this is not the only method of putting pieces into the chest. Any pieces that make contact with deadly ground, or disappear off the edge of the screen will reappear inside the chest, where players can retrieve it to build their structure again.


Upon Powerup's release, players responded with the complaint that the game was too "buggy".[1] One of the bugs reported on Jay is Games came in regards to the chest. Some players reported that the chest would not close [2], while others reported that the chest would duplicate pieces, eliminate them or add pieces to a level which they were not supposed to be on.


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