This article is about bombs from Mutiny. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Cherry bomb
Mutiny CherryBomb animated
Ammunition Varies
Ability None
Action Is thrown with smoke trailing behind
Damage Low
Game(s) Mutiny

Cherry bombs are the first weapons introduced in the game Mutiny.


Cherry bombs are circular black bombs, with a burning wick on top, and a skull with crossbones in the middle.

Game information

Cherry bombs are the most common weapon in the game Mutiny, and are seen commonly throughout the game. They can be selected from the weapons menu, and thrown by a pirate. When it is selected, the player has to move a small white circle and aim a line, the line which will be the direction the bomb travels. Once the bomb is thrown, it never spins in the air, but always stays in the same position no matter what. They also leave a trail of smoke when they are thrown.

The bomb will sail through the air and explode on impact with anything, but the explosions are small. The amount of damage a cherry bomb does depends on how near the bomb is detonated by the pirate. The farther away the explosion is, the less damage is done when the pirate is hit by the explosion. A direct hit from a cherry bomb takes 11.2 pixel hit points of a pirate's health away. Three direct hits from a cherry bomb, and the pirate dies (because the pirate has twenty-eight points of health).

The cherry bomb is the most basic of all of the weapons in the game. It has a medium range, although it cannot be thrown as far as a weapon like the banana. It does not have as much damage ability as the parachute bomb, although they are similar.


Basic weak weapon which explodes on impact. Click the cherry bomb and drag with your mouse to aim set the power.