Cheese Dreams series
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The Cheese Dreams series is a series consisting of the three installments, Cheese Dreams, the upcoming Cheese Dreams: New Moon (for which a Cheese Dreams Demo has been released), and a Cosmic Cannon, a spinoff.

Cheese Dreams

Main article: Cheese Dreams

In Cheese Dreams, the player navigates a mouse-ship as the Moon, which is made of cheese. The player moves by bouncing left and right.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Main article: Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Cheese Dreams New Moon is a remake of the original Cheese Dreams game. Nevertheless, the physics engine is completely rewritten and the game has many new features, such as the concept of rescuing planets.

Cosmic Cannon

Main article: Cosmic Cannon

The spinoff, Cosmic Cannon, has the player in control of a cannon with the task of shooting a ball, having to support other balls and keep other balls up as long as they can.

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