This article is about checkpoints from Parasite. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Ability Creates a Checkpoint
Game(s) Parasite

Checkpoints are interactive objects in the game Parasite. They appear on all levels.


The appearance of a checkpoint is a toxic container which reads "fuel", and serves as the base of the checkpoint. A post is behind the container, and on top of the post is a light fueled by the toxic container, which has a transparent pipe between the two. Also on the post is a sign which reads "checkpoint", and behind the sign is a pumpjack.

Game information

Checkpoints are mining stations planted by the parasite on the green planet. They are planted when the parasite passes a big forest spirit, and when planted will drain the life force out of the planet. A green arrow points the parasite in the direction of the nearest big forest spirit. Checkpoints double in usefulness as an area for the parasite to respawn if they die, and also as a sign.

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