J-J-Jump Checkpoint
Ability Saving the player's level progress
Game(s) J-J-Jump

Checkpoints are interactive objects in the icon game J-J-Jump. They help save the player's progress in a level.


Checkpoints appear as a metal pole with the teeny hero's head on top of the small pedestal. They are attached on another darker metal base that is connected to a platform.

Game information

At the beginning of a level, the teeny hero will always start on a Checkpoint pole. When they touch a metal part beneath the pole, splashes of J-J-Jump juice will come out out of it, and all of the teeny hero's jumps will be replenished. In some levels, this is the only juice the player is to survive on until they get to the next checkpoint.

Yellow Checkpoint Flag

The untouched checkpoint

At some point into the level, there is always a checkpoint that is untouched by the hero. This checkpoint's base and pole look the same as the previous checkpoint, except that the pole is shorter and the base flashes white. However, the sign is very different- instead of a teeny hero head, there is a diamond-shaped yellow sign on top. When the teeny hero touches it, the sign will grow taller and turn into the regular checkpoint.

Also, a dinging sound is heard when the player touches the checkpoint. If the player dies, they will start back at the last checkpoint they touched (or at the starting checkpoint if they have not touched one yet). If the player closes the game and then reopens it, they will have to start from the beginning of the level, not at the last checkpoint they touched. One a checkpoint is activated, if the teeny hero dies, the water will start at the same place the water was at when the checkpoint was reached.

When the player is at the end of a level, it is marked by a checkered flag waving in the wind. The base of the flag is smaller, and holds up a thin, brown stick on which the flag is attached. When the player touches the base of the flag, the teeny hero will repeatedly jump up and down while spinning, until the the screen cuts to the next level.


  • The untouched yellow checkpoints look very similar to real-life road signs.

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