This article is about checkpoints from Cheese Dreams: New Moon. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Ability Creates a respawn point
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Checkpoints are interactive objects in the game Cheese Dreams: New Moon.


Checkpoints have a funnel shaped base, a large rod attached to the base, and a spherical glowing orb with a star on it. The orb in Cheese Dreams New Moon acts as if it is attached by an invisible stretchy rope, as it stretches in the direction it is hit when hit, and goes back to its original position.

Game information

Checkpoints appear in Cheese Dreams New Moon. Checkpoints are placed on the ground, and upon the orb being hit, it will light up and that checkpoint will become the player's own checkpoint. This way, if the player die, they will respawn in the previous checkpoint they used.

Several checkpoints are placed throughout the level, touching one making that currently touched one the player's checkpoint, and if the player has touched any others, those will be deactivated as checkpoints and have to be touched to be made the player's checkpoint again. Doors act like checkpoints when the player enters a room, and ides in that room.

Doors will only act as a checkpoint until the player finds another checkpoint after exiting the door. Checkpoints can be helpful if the player falls far down in the level, and it is be hard to get back up to the checkpoint. In this situation, the player can simply kill himself and respawn back where they were when they touched the checkpoint.


  • Although unconnected, the sprite for the checkpoints is almost the exact same sprite for the barriers in Chisel 2. They also look like half-way checkpoints from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and also make a sound like them when touched.

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