This article is about cheats 'n treats from B.C. Bow Contest. For cheats 'n treats from Twin Shot 2, please see Cheats n' Treats (Twin Shot 2).

Cheats and Treats

Cheats and treats

Cheats N' Treats are unlockable objects in the game B.C. Bow Contest. Cheats n' treats gives the player access to several features which make the game easier (cheats) and other content (treats). It was originally a paid feature that had to be purchased for US $3.75. Now, however, the MochiCoins system has been discontinued, so the player can no longer buy this extra content. Instead, the cheats n' treats are accessible by anyone for free.


  • Aimline - Choose the length of the aimline of a player, allowing them to extend farther so they can more accurately see where the arrow will hit. **
  • Shot time - Allows the player to choose how long until they must shoot their arrow. Setting zero stars will let the player take as long as they want to aim their shot.**
B.C. Bow Contest secret character

The secret character

  • Secret character - Allows the player to play as a secret character, usable only through cheats n' treats. *
  • Advantages - Gives the player an advantage
    • Normal - No advantages
    • Distraction - Places a dinosaur on the field which blocks arrows
    • Nudge - Lowers the accuracy of the opposing player's shots

* - Can be toggled for only one player
** - Can be toggled for both players

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