This article is about characters from Vault!. For characters from other games, please see Characters.

Characters are the main characters in Vault. The starting character is King Edward, with more unlockable by collecting coins.

Game information

Each character automatically runs, and will increase their running speed the longer they survive, starting slow when the game starts and increasing their speed at certain points.

Each character carries a pole that they will move downwards in an arc when the player taps and holds the screen, the character pushing the pole downwards as long as the player keeps their finger on the screen. When the pole is pushed downwards on a surface, the pole will stay in its position and the player will hold on to the pole and be pushed up into the air, moving in an arc.

The character immediately drops and moves their pole diagonally up when the player lifts their finger from the screen. The player will die when impacting a hazard, falling of the stage, or impacting a platform. While the player starts

The difference between characters is only aethsetic; each character has a different appearance, a different dieing animation, and different groans when dieing. One character has a unique pole.


Name Sprite Appearance Price
King Edward Kingedwardselect King Edward is a purple bean-shaped character with a red circular nose, white shoes and a blue-green headband. Default
Mr. Fish
Mr Fish is a green fish with orange lips and yellow eyes.
50 Coins
Panic bot
Panic bot has a purple robotic body. His head is yellow head and has a red bulb on top of it.
300 Coins
The Dragon
The Dragon appears to be a businessman with a brown briefcase head, a blue suit, and a red tie.
600 Coins
Dave is a white skeleton with some hair on his head and a black cloak. He has heart-patterned underwear under the cloak, making him similar to the Grim Reaper. His pole is replaced with a scythe.
1000 Coins
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow is an orange cat, sitting atop a black chair with wheels.
2000 Coins



  • King Edward's name and appearance is based off the King Edward potato[1].
  • Spoiler
    The Dragon is named after the term used to sometimes refer to a suave and hardened business person.[2]
  • Spoiler
    Panic bot is an enemy from the mobile game Platform Panic.


When The Dragon dies, his briefcase head opens and few dollar stacks will fall from it.
  • King Edward appears as a playable character in Go Pogo and can be purchased for 85 coins.


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