This article is about characters from Platform Panic. For characters from other games, please see Characters.

Characters are the main characters in Platform Panic. The starting character is Rosy Cheeks Boy, though the player can unlock more with coins.

Game information

Characters automatically walk and can be caused to walk in a different direction via a swipe in that direction (mobile) or pressing either Left or Right (browser). Upon impacting a wall characters will stop for a few second before reversing direction.

Characters can jump, and while in mid air from a jump still be moved left or right. A jump cannot be performed while in mid air, even when the player is in mid air and has not already jumped.

Characters will die upon coming in contact with a hazard. Other characters can be unlocked with coins, although when unlocked they serve only as different skins. Each character comes with an ability that can be unlocked for 200 coins, this special ability once unlocked can be toggled on or off.



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