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Throughout Mega Mash, the player will enter seven zones, a zone for each player. The has to alternate between them often, and while doing so changes character. All characters act generally the same, but have different appearances, have different attacks, along with other differences.


Main article: Fluffykins

Fluffykins is the main character of Carrot Story, and is a rabbit.


Main article: Xolstar

Xolstar is the main character of Xolstar 3. It is a spaceship that can fire lasers.

Blast-Man Joe

Main article: Blast-Man Joe (character)

Blast-Man Joe is the main character of the game of the same name. He can lay bombs and usually walks around in a cave-like maze.


Main article: Balloon (character)

Balloon is the main character of the balloon section of Mega Mash. He has no special powers, but he can float.


Main article: Takeshi (Ninja)

Takeshi is the main character of Ninja and can fire ninja stars and ropes. He can also swing along the ropes.

Smash & Faceball

Main article: Smash & Faceball

Smash and Faceball are together the main characters of Smash, a breakout-like game in Mega Mash.


Main article: Tetris Blocks

Nitrometris is the Nitrome version of Tetris, which is a classic shape/puzzle game.

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