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Leap Day Character selection screen Yolk

Yolk on the character selection screen.

The player can unlock additional characters by earning points in the most current level of Leap Day. All characters differ in physical appearance and have no distinct behaviours. They all have total of three unlockable selfie poses.


Each character moves left to right, turning back when they hit a wall. The player can make their character jump by tapping on the screen. Characters can make one additional jump while in the air, in which they curl into a spinning ball. The double jump count is reset upon leaving any surface. This includes touching the ground or wall, jumping on an enemy, bouncing off a spring or getting a boost from a jump bubble. It also resets when going through a teleporter.

When characters come in contact with a wall, they grab onto it and slide down until they jump away from it or interact with something else. If the player does not jump when sliding down a wall, the character falls back to the ground directly below or starts walking in the other direction if the wall meets the ground.

The playable characters are vulnerable to all hazards and enemies and die immediately upon direct contact with most of them from the side. Some enemies can be killed by jumping on top of their heads, which rebound the character upwards. Upon death, a character is respawned at the last checkpoint the player activated.


In general, all characters have a round head with two white eyes and a mouth, a body, and two stubby legs and arms.

Character Description Sprite Poses
LeapDay Yolk mugshot
The default character in the game. Yolk is yellow with a round head,
a belly button and a large green rectangular nose.
LeapDay Yolk sprite LeapDay Yolk selfie
LeapDay Yolk selfie 2
LeapDay Yolk selfie 3
LeapDay Lick mugshot
A green character inspired by pterodactyls.
It has a large beak, a tail and a long tongue.
LeapDay Lick sprite LeapDay Lick selfie
LeapDay Lick selfie 2
LeapDay Lick selfie 3
La Beef
LeapDay Shia LaBeouf mugshot
A blue cow-like character with two curved horns, a large pink snout, a small tail and a hairy chest. They are similar to pigs. LeapDay Shia LaBeouf sprite LeapDay Shia LaBeouf selfie
LeapDay Shia LaBeouf selfie 2
Leap Day La Beef Selfie 3
LeapDay Kepi mugshot
A green creature wearing a yellow namesake hat with a grey spike on top.
He wears a red bobble hat under the kepi[1].
LeapDay Kepi sprite LeapDay Kepi selfie
Leap Day Kepi Selfie 2
Leap Day Kepi Selfie 3
LeapDay Meep mugshot
A pink bird with a large beak, two small wings and
a round feather on top of its head.
LeapDay Meep sprite LeapDay Meep selfie
Leap Day Meep Selfie 2
Leap Day Smooch Mugshot
A grey creature with round blue lips. Leap Day Smooch Sprite Leap Day Smooch Selfie
Leap Day Smooch Selfie 2
Leap Day Soldier 26 Mugshot
Solder_26 is a silver robot with a rectangular head and a green square nose which resembles Yolk's nose. Inside his head is a red battery. Leap Day Soldier 26 Sprite Leap Day Soldier 26 Selfie
Leap Day Soldier 26 Selfie 2
File:Leap Day Soldier 26 Selfie 3.png
Leap Day Root Mugshot
A pink radish whose head is circular and has a mouth and a single eye. It has green leaves on top of its head. LeapDay Root sprite Leap Day Root Selfie
A purple character wearing white skull. His body structure allows him to make himself more muscular and taller. LeapDay Scalp sprite
A crimson dragon with blue spikes from its head to its tail.
Grill Run-0
An indigo-coloured creature whose head consists of two vertically-placed white eyes, two spike-like horns on the side of its head, and one on top. His mouth is located between his eyes.
Zweiclops Run
A brown wooden character with a cylindrical head that has two holes as eyes and a green leaf on top of its head.
Logga Run-0
A cyan-coloured rabbit.
Raspbunny Run
A flytrap with a red head, white teeth, and a blue tongue. It has a green body.
Venus Run
A light green frog with pink lips and large white eyes.
Croak Run
A yellow rock character.
Slab Run
A pink ice-cream character with blue lips.
Whip Run
A green character with lake monster-like ears.
Glug Run
A snowman with a black top hat and orange carrot nose.
Flake Run
A troll with grey fur, brown horns and a blue nose.
Tuft Run
A red demon with a flame on the top of its head, wings on his back and a purple nose.
Char Run
IMG 1867
A grey character that has a head that resembles a turret and wears a red cape.
IMG 1868
A scarecrow with a brown head stuffed with hay. It has a green body with wooden sticks for arms and a leg.
Mc Cloud
IMG 1869
A cloud-like character with a white fluffy head and large pink lips (similar to Smooch's lips).
A living golden trophy that looks a lot like the Golden Cup seen when completing a level, though the only difference is that he has no mouth. In his character selection sprite, he has a stand.
A creature with a purple body whose head is a slightly open treasure chest with visible white eyes inside.
An orange character who looks a lot like Yolk but has a purple triangle for a nose and has no belly button. On his head he has a white feather with a purple end.
Jock (2)
A purple character wearing a white American football helmet with a red stripe down the middle and red shoulder pads.
Screenshot (11)
Shroom (2)
A blue-grey coloured mushroom. The mushroom's head is pink/red with blue/grey spots. It is tall and thin versus the other characters so far. It has no arms.
Screenshot (13)
A grey computer robot whose head is a square and has fluorescent green/yellow screen with its face on it. It has a short pink antenna on top of his head and a pink button on it round body. It has no arms.
Screenshot (15)
A dark grey ball and chain wearing a prison uniform.
Screenshot (18)
A purple character with dripping clown face paint on. He has bright pink lips, a green rectangle nose, and a pink bow on his head.
A grey/lavender coloured character that has a giant white eye in the middle of its head and wears a large golden helmet that covers the rest of its head and has a spike on top.



Leap Day preview 21

The May 19th, 2016 preview with the earlier designs of the playable characters.

  • The character La Beef is a pun on the name of American actor and director Shia LaBeouf.
  • Solder_26 is a reference to the character Soldier: 76 from the video game Overwatch[2].
  • In the May 19th, 2016 preview for Leap Day, which showed the in-game sprites for the characters that would be added in Update 1, four sprites differ slightly from their final versions: La Beef's head is closer to his body, Grill's skin is much lighter, Scalp's sprite has lighter skin, and the bottom part of Kepi's hat is green instead of grey.
  • La Beef, Solder_26, Zweiclops, and Rasbunny are the only characters to break the unlock trend of having three selfies unlocked before the next character, as these three characters are unlocked after two selfies are unlocked.
  • Zweiclops' name is a pun on Cyclops. "Zwei" means "Two" in German.
  • Whip is a reference to the Bad Ice-Cream series.
  • Spoiler
    Glug's second selfie contains a character that looks like a female version of Yolk.


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