This article is about characters from Gopogo. For characters from other games, please see Characters.

Characters are unlockable characters in Gopogo.

Game information

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Characters serve to only aesthetically change the player character on the pogo stick. Characters can be purchased from the characters page, which can be accessed from the endless mode game over menu or level select screen by pressing a button that shows a character that resembles the Vim character. There are 40 unlockable characters in total. 

All characters on a pogo stick are stationary in the air, lower their body when they land on the ground, and raise their body when the pogo stick jumps up. Characters will die upon touching thick platforms, enemies, or hazards.

All bought characters (excluding the ones introduced in Update 1) will appear as silhouettes in the game's ending.

Name Price Appearance Sprite
Vim Default Vim is a blue bean character with purple lips, white hands and feet.

When Vim dies, his eyes enlarge.
Vim Gopogo
Stretch 20
Stretch is a purple bean with pink lips and white glasses with black borders. He also has white hands and white feet.

When Stretch dies his glasses fall from his head.
Kidney 50
Kidney is green bean with light green lips, wears black headphones, and has a music player. He also has white hands and white feet.

When Kidney dies his headphones fall off.
Snog 50
Snog is a man with white skin, black eye surroundings and black messy hair. His attire includes a black shirt, spiky collars on his hands and feet, black jeans, grey shoes and white hands.

When Snog dies he shows the Devil horns gesture with his two hands
Puck 60
Puck appears as a blue Pac-Man arcade machine. The character has red hands and blue shoes.

When Puck is killed the character breaks up.
Austin 60
Austin is a boy with white skin and blue hair. His attire includes black shirt with white skull on it and blue jeans.

When Austin dies his eyes enlarge.
Justin 60
Justin is a boy with white skin. He has pink cap, pink hoodie and blue jeans.

When Justin dies his eyes enlarge.
Saggy 65
Saggy is a man with blue and red colored face painting He has long brown hair and blue jeans.

When Saggy dies he poses like a wrestler about to crush his opponent with his stomach.
Mr Trump 70
Mr Trump is a man with a blue gas mask. He has white hands and white feet.
Green Ninja 70
Green Ninja is a green frog with white eyes and red lips.
Gunbrick Dude 75
Gunbrick dude is a boy with yellow skin, pink nose and white glasses with black borders. He has blue shirt, blue jeans and blue shoes.
Mike 75
Mike is a man with hockey mask, which has red triangle. He has brown suit with black belt, white hands and grey shoes.
Jerome 80
Jerome is a pink bean with orange hair and blue cap. He is carrying a Boombox on his left hand.
Z 80
Z is a character with grey helmet with blue visor, which has two purple stripes. He has blue suit and black hands.
King Edward 85
King Edward is purple potato with a red circular nose, cyan headband, white hands and white shoes.
Wizard 85
Wizard appears as a man with a brown beard and square nose. He has a cyan wizard hat, cyan cloak and brown shoes.
Easter 90
Easter is a brown statue with brown hands and feet.
Sid 100
Sid is a beige bean with pink spike on his head and black eyebrows. He also has white hands and feet.
Mute 100
Mute is a Beige bean with right black eye and short green hair.
Dozzy 100
Dozzy is a white oval egg, which is missing a piece from the left side of his head. He has blue hands and feet.
Panic Bot 110
Panic Bot is a robot that has a golden head with a red bulb on it. His body is purple.
Baggy 120
Baggy is a grey bean who uses a dirty brown bag to cover his body.
Bill and Phil 120
Bill and Phil are beige beans, who are connected with grey circular ring. Bill has green hair and Phil has blue hair.
Silly Sausage 150
Silly Sausage is a beige dog.
Snot 150
Snot is a grey bean with a red nose and brown hat. He has beige hands and feet.
Coz 200
Coz is a goblin with light green skin, blue lips and dark blue hair. He has blue shirt and dark blue shoes.
Rosy 250
Rosy is a beige bean with spiky hair having golden, blue and pink spikes. He also has white diapers and black shoes.
Viking Garry 300
Viking Garry is a man with yellow beard covering his body, dark yellow lips and brown viking hat with white horns. He also has brown shoes.
Visor 320
Visor is a light blue bean with a green visor and red lips. Visor has only one eye, which is under his visor.
Visor Gopogo
Emote 400
Emote is a yellow bean.
Finn 400
Finn is a grey shark with white teeth.
Banana 400
Banana is a monkey with brown fur.
Ribbit 420
Ribbit is a creature with pink bunny head as leading head and a green frog head on the bottom. Unlike their namesake game, Ribbit's rabbit head is above the frog head, with the frog head's eyes facing up instead of down (dying causes the frog's head to flip to its normal position).
Rust Bucket 430
Rust Bucket has a brown helmet with two white horns. Unlike in his namesake game, Rust Bucket also has white hands and white running shoes.
Tick 450
Thumb Up 480
Thumb up is a thumb with a beige nail and skin-coloured hands and feet.
Sister 500
Sister is a nun with black cloak, white cloak inside and a red skirt under the black cloak.
Fruit Bat 510
Fruit bat is a pink bat with white eyes, blue teeth, white hands and white feet.
Leggy 550
Leggy is a red ant with white eyes, purple teeth and six brown feet which two he uses to grab pogo.
Scratch 600
Scratch is a black cat with yellow eyes, white chest fur and dark blue hands and feet.



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  • Snog is a reference to the American rock band Kiss.
  • Puck is a reference to arcade machines.
  • Mike is a reference to Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th.
  • Z is a reference to Daft Punk.
  • Easter is a reference to the Moai statues found on Easter Island.
  • Coz is a reference to Star Trek.
  • Emote is a reference to emoticons.
  • Finn is a reference to Jaws.
  • Sister is a reference to Nuns.