This article is about chains from Mega Mash. For chains from other games, please see Chains.

Sand spin
In Carrot Story
Attack Spins around in a circle
Game(s) Mega Mash (Carrot Story and Ninja)

Chains are a type of hazard in the game Mega Mash.

General appearance

In all game areas, chain enemies appear as a chain of four balls, the balls' appearance changing depending on the game area.

General game information

Chains are a hazard in Mega Mash, found only a few times throughout the game. They are always swinging around in a circle, and will deal one heart of damage to the player on touch. They are indestructible, meaning that the player has to pass them by timing the right time to move past.


Carrot Story

In the Carrot Story areas, this hazard appears as a chain of balls of sand.


In the Ninja areas, this hazard appears as a electric chain.


  • The Carrot Story chain enemies may be based on Firebars from the Mario series, which are similar, but made of fireballs.

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