This article is about chains from Rubble Trouble. For chains from other games, please see Chains.


This article is about chain cannons from Rubble Trouble. For chain cannons from Dirk Valentine, please see Chain cannon.

Chain gun
Chain Gun
Ability Rapidly fires bullets.
Game(s) Rubble Trouble

The chain gun is a demolition tool in the game Rubble Trouble.


The chain gun has three legs and a seat attached at the back of a chain gun where Garry sits. The gun itself is a type of machine gun called a Gatling gun, or minigun.

Game information

The chain gun is a gun tool commanded by Garry. The chain gun in most levels is unlimited, however it is sometimes limited on some levels. Unlike other tools that use wrecking balls and melee to demolish structures, this tool fires a line of bullets. When the chain gun is used, it can only be placed in one area and cannot move. The chain gun is quite powerful and can rotate 360°, and its shots can quickly destroy blocks in a matter of seconds. The chain gun on levels where its ammo is unlimited can keep firing until the player picks not to.

According to Garry, their cousin Ivan found it after it fell of a Lorry ("Lorry" being the British word for truck). Because the chain gun's line of bullets fire so quickly, it can also be used to move super steel. It appears on very few levels in the game.


Chain Gun
Position the Gun with the mouse and click to put it down. You will now have limited ammo to shoot building blocks with.

Click and hold to fire away!

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