This article is about chains from Temple Glider. For chains from other games, please see Chains.

Chain gates
Chain Gate
Ability Can be opened via standing on a stone head
Game(s) Temple Glider

Chain gates are interactive objects in the game Temple Glider.


Chain gates have two brown stone pillars meeting in their centre, and have a metal base at each end. On either side of both poles are chains, which seem to open the two poles to allow entry to the Egyptian bird.

Game information

Chain gates can only be opened by standing on a stone head. When the stone head is stood on, the cylinders will retract in. When the Egyptian bird walks/flies off the head, the cylinders will move out.

The player has to be fast to fly through the gate. If the player touches a part of the gate, while airborne, they will float a small bit down, then stop flying. This can be very frustrating, and sometimes the player has to retry going through the chain gate.

In one level, the bird has to quickly fly through three chain gates affected by one stone head. Another level involves the player having to stand on a stone head, which will open a gate, then fly through the gate, then stand on another stone head that opens another gate, then fly through the previous gate they flew through to get out of the room, and quickly fly out the other gate.

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