Cerberus creatures
Purple Dogs 2
Attack Dangerous on contact (TS S & NMD)
Abilities Walking
Health One blow to both heads (TS S & NMD)
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot 2, Nitrome Must Die

Cerberus creatures are enemies in Twin Shot 2, as well as in Nitrome Must Die.


A cerberus creature has two heads, on the far right side and on the far left. The head and body are purple colored, and each side of the body has two outward-facing paws; both of the necks are adorned with a gold collar. The dog heads consist of two black eyes, a short snout, and two pink ears.

In Nitrome Must Die, the Cerberus creatures have the same features, except they are coloured with a lighter, more defined tone.

Game info

Twin Shot 2

Cerberus and Black Thing

A cerberus creature and a dark creature as seen in Nitrome Must Die.

A cerberus creature is a dog with a head on its front and back end. The dog, when it moves, moves forward (satisfying the front head), then backwards (satisfying the rear head). They can only be killed when both heads are shot. When one head is shot, it will be stunned, and the other head will slowly drag along the stunned head.

If the other head is not shot in a couple of seconds, the stunned head will regain consciousness. When both heads are shot, the dog dies. They are unable to walk off ledges, and will reverse direction when one is met. Often, they are the only enemy on platforms they appear on.

Nitrome Must Die

Two Headed Cerberus Half-Dead

The cerberus creature in in Nitrome Must Die, half dead

Cerberus creatures also appear in Nitrome Must Die. They retain their behavior they exhibited in Twin Shot 2, with very few differences. When a head is stunned, it will not regain consciousness. This is because in Nitrome Must Die, it is harder for the player to shoot both heads in time.

Another reason for this is because in Nitrome Must Die, the cerberus creature can take more damage from the player, and takes multiple shots kill each head. The Fireball, Mega laser, Fart, Cluster bomb, Banana bomb, Nitro and Canary weapon can attack the cerberus creature at once. Another weakness apparent in the Nitrome Must Die version of the cerberus creature is its weakness to attacks from underneath. Although the Twin Shot arrow is a generally weak weapon, it is able to deal more damage for this enemy.

In Twin Shot 2
In Nitrome Must Die
Purple Dogs 2
Cerberus NMD


  • Cerberus was a large three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hades in ancient Greek Mythology. This cerberus creature is only two-headed.
  • Cerberus creatures bear a close resemblance to the cartoon character Cat-Dog from the Nickelodeon series of the same name.
  • When a cerberus creature is damaged in Nitrome Must Die, it makes the same sound Lockehorn makes when he's damaged.