This article is about centipedes from Graveyard Shift. For centipedes from other games, please see Centipedes.

Attack Fires slime balls
Abilities Moving
Health One blow each segment
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Centipedes are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


Centipedes are brown multi-segmented centipedes with large pincers and green eyes. When shot, dark green blood is splattered.

Game information

Centipedes appear out of holes in the background, and can only be defeated by shooting each segment. Once all other segments are gone, the centipede can be defeated by a shot to the head. The centipede will periodically shoot slime balls from each segment, starting with the head. This process can easily be stopped but destroying the segment closest to the head.

They are very dangerous and hard to kill enemies due to their ability of firing three slime balls in quick succession. The scrolling of the screen will stop when a centipede comes out. No other enemies will be present near a centipede, with the exception of level twelve where a spider hive and spiders are also fought.

Unintentional advantage

The last enemies fought on level twelve of Graveyard Shift are three centipedes. Although not a glitch, the three centipedes will heavily slow down the game and the player's browser, making the player open to attack because they are not fast enough to shield themselves from the oncoming slime balls.

This fight is seen to be unfair since the centipedes have an advantage - they can bombard the player with slime balls that the player is not fast enough to block, because the player's browser has slowed down.


  • Centipedes act similar to mini bosses, since the scrolling of the screen stops and the centipede is hard to kill.

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