This article is about trolls from Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. For trolls from other games, please see Trolls.

Cave Trolls are enemies and a type of Troll in the game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


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Although being a type of Troll, they bear no resemblance to a Troll, the only resemblance to a Troll being their face, which is only seen when they are killed.

Cave Trolls have a black, almost cylindrical body, near the summit of this body being two small wings. At the bottom of this semi-cylindrical body are two feet (which are rather hard to see); also at the bottom being a tail.

The top of the body has what seems to be the skull of a goat. The body of the Cave Troll seems as though it is covered with black cloth. Cave Trolls have an actual head underneath the Goat skull, this head appearing as a much smaller Troll head.

Game information

Cave Trolls are a type of Troll that possess the ability to move and fly. As such, they can move (unlike Trolls), fly, and move above ground. Cave Trolls move in set patterns, usually either horizontally or vertically, casually flapping their wings while doing so. As of the release of Icebreaker A Viking Voyage map packs Hammerfest, Troll Marsh, and Under Dwell, they are only seen in dark caves, which are only present in Under Dwell. They can be killed by the blast of an ice bomb.


From the Ice Breaker iOS website's Characters page:

Usually found deep underground this is one of the smallest and most vulnerable types of troll. Like a hermit crab they protect themselves using the remains of other creatures...for crabs that means our world that would be skulls...creepy! Oh and did we mention they have wings? Trolls can take many shapes and forms...though people don't know why this happens. Perhaps it’s their environment that changes them...or perhaps just to be gross? Just be sure not to park your boat underneath if you don't want it covering in poop!