This article is about cats from Rainbogeddon. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Black Cat frontviewBlack Cat sideviewBlack Cat backview
Attack Dangerous on contact, travels in packs
Abilities Can walk slightly faster than most enemies, will follow the grey creatures
Health Pink Bomb Powerup - One
Drill(RBGDN)Missile(RBGDN) - Varies
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Cats are enemies in the game Rainbogeddon.


Cats are a dark black color. They normally blend in with the background, but they can still be seen moderately easily. They look like cats, although two sharp fangs can be seen. Their mouths are purple, and their eyes are wide and always open.

Game information

Cats are faster than most enemies in Rainbogeddon, and deal one damage upon touching the grey creatures. They seem to usually work together and travel in groups. When cats are the only type of enemy in the level, there will be three. Cats first appear in level 17. Level 21 is small and features several cats. Cats can be destroyed with one bomb. If a drill or bullets are used against them, then the amount of damage needed to destroy them varies.

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