This article is about cats from Oodlegobs. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Peaceful cat
Gender N/A
Species Cat robot
Health Dies on contact with an oodlegob
Level(s) All
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Cats from Oodlegobs are characters and interactive objects eaten by the Oodlegobs in order for the virus to multiply itself. In this way, they act similar to checkpoints.


Cats appear with grey arms and legs and a small grey torso with a white belly. They have a plug-like tail and two triangular grey-orange ears coming out of their head. Their head is shaped like a cube and has a computer screen on the front. The screen displays a green smiling cat face, but the face turns blue and frightened when Oodlegobs get near them. They meow fearfully when they spot an Oodlegob.

Game information

Cats are eaten by Oodlegobs so that the virus can multiply itself. If an Oodlegob is in the line of sight of a cat, the cat will turn blue and scream. Once an Oodlegob comes in contact with a cat, it will proceed to "eat" the cat, chewing at its exterior. The cat will then collapse and become an empty box. The Oodlegob will then spawn two new Oodlegobs out of the top of its back.


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