This article is about cats from In the Dog House. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Cat (In The Dog House)
Abilities Prevents the dog from moving further
Game(s) In the Doghouse

Cats are obstacles in the game In the Dog House.


Cats are black with brown collars, and white eyes. Cats appear somewhat smaller than the dog, but grow larger when the dog approaches. Cats, when idle, will frequently lick their paws.

Game information

Cats are stationed in moveable blocks, and will hiss at the dog, which prevents the dog from moving into the square if it comes near. The block that contains the cat cannot be moved like other blocks.

Cats cannot be harmed in any way, and will move to open blocks randomly. Cats can only be avoided by moving the dog into blocks that the cat is not in.

Other appearances

  • Horror skin - The cat appears sitting in a tree with glowing eyes


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