Catpider 1
Attack Swinging up and down
Health One blow
Points One hundred
Game(s) Ribbit

Catpiders are enemies in the game Ribbit.


Catpiders appear to be a cross between a cat and a spider, hence the name catpider. It has the head, tails and paws of a cat while the rest of the body, like the eyes and leg segments are spider parts.

Catpiders have a maroon circular head with two pale yellow triangles for ears. Each side of their head has got four segmented legs attached to it. They have got three pale green eyes and a dark red circle on their heads. Lying from their back can be seen a brown tail and a light blue thread, which is a common characteristic of spiders.

Game information

Catpiders do not have a special attack, but they appear constantly swinging up and down slowly. If ribbit touches a catpider without a powered jump, the player will lose a heart. Catpiders can be killed with a powered jump, like almost every other enemy in the game.


  • Oddly, catpiders only appear in dark backgrounds. This is possibly because spiders are usually found in dark and abandoned places.

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