Cat traps
Trap KittenCat TrapsCat Trap 1
A cat standing (left), a cat jumping (middle), a cat scratching (right).
Attack Biting and scratching the player
Damage Death
Game(s) Office Trap

Cat traps are traps in Office Trap.


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Cat trap buttons have an icon of a diamond with three other diamonds above it. The cat is white and keeps its eyes closed.

Game information

Cat traps, when activated, spawn a white cat which will jump across its button, to the second button, and back. The cat trap will activate if either button is pushed. It will gnaw on an employee if it makes contact with it.

It will gnaw off the employee's shirt, then reduces it to a skull and bones. Some cat trap buttons are long, which means it will be more difficult for the player to cross the button. An easy way to cross cat traps is to duck while in the middle as the cat will not catch the player.

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