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Cat ship
Cat ship
Ruler Unknown
Location Outer space
Status Unknown
Game Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

The cat ship is a giant spaceship which appears in the ending of Cheese Dreams.


The cat ship seems to have a build to that of the S.S. Squeakstar, as it also has the head of the ship shaped like the species of the crew. The cat ship is incredibly huge, and much larger than the mouse ship. The cat ship has a purple/blue cat head with a purple nose and a giant eye window.

The body of the ship is huge and grey. Several squares can be seen on it as well as two grates below two giant window-like structures that each have the icon of a cat head. The ship is so big that in the ending it does not fit on to the screen. The ship has purple ear like structures on the top of its body and and two purple fins: one pointing left, the other right. It has three small "whiskers" and a nose in the shape of a semicircle.

Game information

The cat ship is only seen in the ending of the game Cheese Dreams. In the ending, the cat ship eats the mouse ship and the moon, just after the moon has escaped the mouse ship.

Cheese Dreams E00:13

Cheese Dreams E

The cat ship in the ending of Cheese Dreams

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