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This article is about cats from Skywire 2. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Attacks Chomping
Abilities Retracting a tooth
Level Thirty
Game(s) Skywire 2

The cat is the final boss in Skywire 2. It is a giant head of a robotic cat that follows the cable car up and down the cable tracks.


The cat is black robot whose entire body consists of a cat head. The robot has with red lips and yellow teeth, two teeth which are bigger than the others.

Game information

The cat will constantly open and close its mouth, retracting a tooth before closing. The player has to move into the space created by the retracted tooth. After opening it's mouth again, the tooth will come back in, and the tooth to the left or the right will retract in. The player has to go into the created spaces until they a given a chance to leave the entire cat.

Throughout the battle, the cat will always follow the player so that they are between its mouth. It will stop following them when the player reaches the final stretch that leads to the finish booth.


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