This article is about a castle from Tiny Castle. For a castle from other games, please see Castles.

Ruler Knight
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Many creatures
Status Still there
Game Tiny Castle

The castle is the main location which belongs to the knight in the game Tiny Castle.


The castle was rented out by the princess who had her grandfather sleep there. The princess had installed several traps and creatures around the area, along with leaky pipes. When the knight finally got up to the top, the black armoured knight came. The knight defeated the big black knight, got to the princess, and kicked her out of the castle, along with the wizard.


Certain areas inside the castle.


This is where the knight possibly holds his captives. Two skeletons reside in the dungeon, perhaps the remains of potential prisoners.

Pictures (above dungeon)

The picture with the women in the white dress is Queen Victoria. The third picture down from her is probably Henry the eighth. The other pictures are probably an English king and Vlad Ţepeş (was the king of Transylvania).

Picture (white knight)

There is another picture in the castle, the one with the white knight. It is an image with a white knight standing in a forest.

Penguin 1

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The white knight later jumps out of the picture to fight the knight.

Wizard's bedroom

Wizard's Bedroom
The bedroom of the wizard; the wizard slept here for a long time.
Penguin 1

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Whenever something happened (an intruder in the room, the water level reaches the room height) he got up and did something about it, then went back to sleep.

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