This article is about a castle from Knight Trap. For a castle from other games, please see Castles.

Trap Castle Outside
Ruler Possibly Princess Nectarine's parents
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Various creatures
Status Intact, with many traps activated
Game Knight Trap

The castle, also referred to as the castle of ultimate doom[1], is a location in the game Knight Trap. Princess Nectarine was trapped in a tower somehow, and many knights came to rescue her. The tower is made of brick, and is only seen from the outside on the title screen for Knight Trap.

Game information


It is not known who the ruler of the castle is. It is possible it is some sort of organization, as red flags are placed outside the castle.


The inside of the castle has many platforms laid with traps. Some parts of the walls have windows, and in some levels have pictures of Princess Nectarine, Princess Nectarine's mother and Princess Nectarine's father on the walls. Some levels may have multiple pictures of one character. At the top of each level, a number of goal platforms are placed.

The goals must be reached in order to progress to the next level. Oddly, there is no roof for the top of levels. The castle is seen to be very dangerous, as many skeletons of past Knights can be seen in some levels. Many knight skeletons are seen in cages, chained to walls, caught in spider webs. In some levels, many skeleton heads are present on top of a bottom skeleton head.


  1. Seen in the introduction of Knight Trap.

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