Carrot Story

The banner for the game as seen on the Menu of Mega Mash

Carrot Story is one of the seven games in Mega Mash. Carrot Story stars the main character Fluffykins as he ventures through the Land of Carrots to defeat the Moo King.

It is the first of the seven games introduced in Mega Mash. The game is primarily based off the Mario series, although it does incorporate elements from Cave Story and Kirby.


Main article: Land of Carrots
The Land of Carrots is the setting of Carrot Story, named for carrots being common in that place.

Main character

Main article: Fluffykins
Fluffykins is the main character of Carrot Story. He appears as a rabbit with a red cap, that is made to look like Mario.


  • Ghosts - Enemies which come in two colours, and move around on platforms
  • Red birds - Bird like enemies that fly
  • Venus fly traps - Fire shooting plant enemies
  • Missiles - Homing missile enemies



  • Carrots - Carrots are the point-giving object in Carrot Story
  • Hearts - Gives health

Interactive objects

  • Boxes - Moveable cube objects
  • Springs - Blocks that bounce the player up


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