Carrier dark creatures
Carrier Purple
A carrier dark creatures carrying a blob creature
Attack Harmful on contact
Abilities Carrying a blob creature
Health 2 hits
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Carrier dark creatures are enemies in the Twin Shot series.


The dark creature looks like a normal dark creature, it has two arms and two legs and two white eyes. It is carrying a big monster, that can be blue or purple. It is fat, it has two small arms and two big legs, two small black eyes, and a big mouth. It has leaves over its head.

Game information

Carrier dark creatures are basic dark creatures who are carrying a blob creature. Carrier dark creatures are seen suffering from the weight of the creature, and are really almost part of the enemy.

As mentioned in the previous sentence, carrier dark creatures are literally a part of the enemy. Once a blob creature is killed, the dark creatures will become a basic dark creature. No big enough opening exist for an arrow to hit only the carrier dark creature and kill it, the blob creature must first be killed, then the dark creature.