Carnivorous moths
Canopy Moth
A carnivorous moth crawling
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Following Canopy
Health Invincible
Game(s) Canopy

Carnivorous moths are enemies in the game Canopy.


Carnivorous moths have two wings which act much like a mouth; having even teeth, and between the two wings having its tongue like head. The moth's head is only seen when it shrieks, where it will open its wings and push its head out.

It head is a bit long, white, and has two pink eyes. Supporting the moth is the moth's four legs, attached to the bottom of the moth with two on either side.

Game information

The first carnivorous moth is encountered in level ten. If Canopy grabs the tree it's on, it will shriek loudly before following him across the branches. It seems they are very territorial. They appear in levels ten, fifteen, and twenty. They cannot be killed, not even shook off the branch.

Carnivorous moths move at a medium pace, and when going up a branch it will not turn back (if it has to) until reaching the end. Carnivorous moths do not fly at all, even though they are moths. Carnivorous moths appear commonly in Canopy, and it is due to there following abilities that they are hard to avoid and annoying.


The player can confuse the moth by going from branch to branch, giving the player time to escape. Since spider webs have much webbing to grab, the player can move quickly away from the moth by grabbing a nearby branch. Confusing the moth will cause it to shriek, making it stationary briefly and allowing the player to move on.


  • Carnivorous moths's wings seems to act like a "shell", and a mouth.
  • Carnivorous moths seem to have a head which is shaped and acts like a tongue.
  • Carnivorous moths most resemble moths, but with there mouth like wings and tongue like head, it is possible they are not moths.

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