Carl Trelfa
Carl Trelfa
Occupation Programmer
First Game Flash Cat
Last Game Cold Storage
Joined 2009
Left 2009

Carl Trelfa was a Nitrome game programmer that joined and left in 2009.


Carl Trelfa worked for Nitrome for about a year. He has worked for several game companies, and he currently is the co-founder of thePodge. Carl says, "As much as I loved working at Nitrome, I always wanted to work for myself - so Jim, Sarah and I decided we’d go ahead and set up our own game dev company... and here we are now, almost two years on!".[1]


Trelfa is a programmer, and thus, he inputs code into games for actions to happen. His pixel art and graphics are deemed by himself to be "horrible", so he prefers to work with an artist.



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