Car flipper
Ability Transports a flipside
Game(s) Flipside

The car flipper is an interactive object in the game Flipside. It only appears in a secret area of level six.


The car flipper is very large, so large that it cannot fit entirely on the screen. It has two ends, both of which can transport a flipside. The two ends are connected by a long grey metal beam.

Game information

They only appear in a secret area of level six. The racer should drive straight into the carriage-like object at the top, and then let go of the keys. When the flipper is almost finished with the round, the racer should drive out onto safety. It is very hard to use multiple times, as after the first use, it will be in a different position that is harder to get to.

Below is a video showing how to access the secret area of level six.

Click [show] to see this video
Flipside - Level 6 (Secret Area)00:42

Flipside - Level 6 (Secret Area)

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