Captain Tongue is an enemy in the game Cave Chaos. Captain Tongue also makes a cameo appearance in the game Cave Chaos 2.


Captain Tongue has pale pink skin due to staying away from the sun too long. It has pale pink arms, legs, and body. It has a unusually large head that has two pink beady eyes on the front. A long pink tongue comes out of its mouth and trails in front of it.

Game information

Mr tounge

Captain Tongue in Cave Chaos 2

Captain Tongue always drops from the screen onto platforms. If a miner comes close to one, the enemy will drop on all fours and whip its tongue in front of it. If a miner makes contact, they will be caught in its tongue and not be able to move forward. To get out of the trap, the player must press the right and left arrow keys back and fourth at a rapid pace, thus releasing the caught miner.


  • Captain Tongue makes a cameo appearance at Cave Chaos 2, licking a skull in the background of some levels.