Capsules are pick ups in the games Knuckleheads.

General appearance

Capsules appear as clear cylinders with green caps on both sides of them.

Game information

Capsules can be opened by hitting them with one of the heads of the angry heads. Two types of capsules exist: star capsules and heart capsules.


Star capsules

Star capsules
Star Capsule
Ability Granting the player points
Points Ten
Game(s) Knuckleheads

Star capsules are the first type of capsule introduced in Knuckleheads.


Star capsules appear as usual capsules, but only with a spinning silver star in it.

Game information

Star capsules appear quite often throughout Knuckleheads, appearing in hard to reach areas and along the pathway to the end of the level. Smashing them gives the player ten points.

Heart capsules

Heart capsule
Heart Capsule2
Ability Restores one heart
Points None
Game(s) Knuckleheads

Heart capsules are the second type of capsule in Knuckleheads.


Heart capsules have the appearance of a usual capsule, only a spinning red heart is placed in the middle of it.

Game information

Heart capsules are much rarer than star capsules, and appear usually in hard levels. Smashing these capsules will restore one heart unit to the angry heads' health.

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