Canopy is the main character of Canopy.


Canopy has a turquoise-green head with a smooth, round top and two small tufts stick out. Its head is in a bell shape, and it curves down all the way until the bottom where little squiggly frills can be seen.

In the middle of the head is Canopy's single eyebrow, which is a bumpy white line that resembles moose antlers. Underneath the brow is the creature's small pair of pink eyes. Underneath that is the creature's mouth rectangular mouth where two round teeth are visible.

Canopy's head takes up most of his figure, but beneath his head can be seen a small part of its white lower body with two white rabbit-like feet. Each foot has three toes.

Canopy has a pair of arms on his body and hands, both which can rotate 360°. His arms green coloured exactly like his head, his hands are also almost completely green coloured, except its palms are white. Canopy's green arms can bend, and his hands can attach to any surface except hazards and enemies.

Game information

Canopy moves across the canopy with his arms, sometimes eating fruit. Canopy with his two arms can shake some branches, but not all. Canopy may be a cyborg, as his health can regenerate over time if not already full.

Without recharging, Canopy can withstand three hits before losing his grip and falling down into the plants, each hit depleting around forty percent of its bar. Canopy looks angry most of the time, and looks angrier when shaking objects, but appears happy when he reaches the goal. In Canopy, it seems that Canopy is trying to get food and to get home, as indicated by some of the "help" messages.

Other appearances