This article is about cannons from Power Up. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

A cannon firing
Attack Fire cannon balls
Damage Move blocks
Game(s) Powerup

Cannons are hazards seen in levels 22 and 28 of the game Powerup.


Cannons are medium sized and purple. They have a beige fuse that has been lit with an orange flame, but oddly never moves or burns out. When a cannon fires, it shoots out a brown cannon ball as well as pink smoke.

Game information

Two cannons always appear at once in levels, mostly buried in the ground. Every four seconds or so, the cannons will fire, and the cannon balls will remain solid for a short while after that. The cannon balls themselves can rupture an unstable structure that players may have built.

On level 28, a pit of water is also placed next to the area players are supposed to build their structure upon, and unstable pieces may be knocked into the water and sent back into the chest. Players need to find some way to build a structure that will prevent the cannons from breaking the circuit using the tools provided in that certain level.


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