This article is about cannons from Parasite. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannons are hazards and interactive objects in the game Parasite. It has two variations, one being a hazard and the other being an interactive object.


Both are black cauldron shaped objects on a large, thick bar extending into the ground. They both have plants growing on them, and the only difference between them is that out-of-order Cannons have a white sign with 'Out Of Order' written on it.

Game information

Out of order cannons

If an out-of-order cannon is jumped into, the cannon can be rotated so the player can aim. If the Z key key is pressed, the parasite will be shot out of the cannon riding on an acorn. While the parasite is on the acorn, the player can press the Up and Down keys to direct the acorn to go to certain places.

The acorn can also take out enemies, except space bees. If the acorn touches a wall holding a button, the acorn will be destroyed but the button will be pressed. Sometimes out-of-order cannons will be found in numbers and are the only way to get around in some levels.

Acorn cannons

Acorn cannons will shoot acorns which will kill the parasite, acorns that cannot be ridden on. They will shoot acorns in a pattern, the cannons typically found on the ground, walls, and ceiling.

If the parasite is on a enslaved creature and the creature is hit by an acorn, one heart will be taken away from it, the creature killed if it has only one heart remaining.