This article is about cannons from Onekey. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Onekey-cannonin Onekey-cannonout
Ability Used for transportation; shoot the red feather tribesman
Game(s) Onekey

Cannons are interactive objects first found in level three of the game Onekey.


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Roughly the height of the red feather tribesman, cannons are bronze-grey and lines divide it into two parts. Each part has its own row of patterned lines. On the top section of the cannon, part of two square designs can be seen on the sides.

Game information

Hidden underneath blocks, a cannon will come out of the ground when the red feather tribesman steps over a cannon block and the player presses the spacebar at the same time.

The cannon will then come out of the ground and take the tribesman into it. As it moves back and forth at a one hundred eighty degree angle, the player can shoot the red feather tribesman out of the cannon by pressing the spacebar again. Cannons can be used for reaching higher platforms that would otherwise be out of the red feather tribesman's reach.

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