This article is about Cannons from Mutiny. For Cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannon Mutiny
A Cannon from Mutiny
Ammunition Varies
Ability The weapon's shooting position can be determined
Action Fires cannonball
Damage Medium
Game(s) Mutiny

Cannons are usable weapons from the game Mutiny.


Cannons appear as black cannons that round out in the middle. On the opposite end is the trigger that the player pulls back to launch the cannon. A large white skull is imprinted on the side.

Game Information

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When the player selects the cannon, the cannon with a white circle around it will appear above the player. The player will be able to move the cannon anywhere in the circle, but they cannot move the complete cannon outside the circle. The player will be able to move the cannon 360 degrees when they hold on to the black circle. When the player is ready to fire, they can pull back the black circle, then let it go to fire the cannon ball.


Drag the cannon into position within the circle. Click and drag the pin at the back to turn the cannon. Release it to fire!


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