This article is about Cannons from Enemy 585. For Cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannons (Enemy 585)  Cannon ball
Attack Shooting a cannon ball
Damage Cannon ball - death
Game(s) Enemy 585

Cannons are hazards in Enemy 585.


Cannons are silver-coloured, being small-sized and having a partially cylindrical cannon that is curved at the back. On the side of the cannon there is a wood post with a bolt attached that anchors the cannon to the post. The cannon balls fired by the cannon have two small eyes is at the front and a mouth below this. The cannon ball's lips resemble those of the henchmen.

Game information

Cannons stand in one place, frequently firing off cannon balls that will kill Enemy 585 on contact.

The fired cannon balls will float through walls and only disappear when they go off screen. Some cannons are on stands, while others are on the ground. Cannons usually appear in castle levels, but will also appear in other levels. They make their first appearance in level 5-4 and their last appearance in level 1-1.

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